In all likelihood, since I started using a Mac, I have been using the stock Terminal with the Pro theme. This has mostly suited me well, but there are a handful of things I always thought could be improved.

Inspired by a blog post and colleague at work who recently showed me their shell, reignited my interested in updating my setup. This article is the result of the steps I used to setup my terminal.

  • Install the excellent iTerm2 which brings some nifty features.

  • Setup zsh as default shell. Snipped from the setup instructions:

brew install zsh zsh-completions
echo "/usr/local/bin/zsh" >> /etc/shells
chsh -s $(which zsh)
sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"
git clone [email protected]:powerline/fonts.git
  • Change font used in iTerm2 to Roboto Mono Light for Powerline

  • Edited my ~/.zsh file:

    • Change ZSH_THEME from 'robbyrussell' to 'agnoster'
  • Add DEFAULT_USER="<your username>" to stop seeing [email protected]

  • Update the plugins so plugins=(git git-flow git-extras web-search)

  • Changed colour present in iTerm2 to 'Darkside'

Update: Found this interesting counter article since posting
Update 2: Installing the Shell Integration enables extremely handy shortcuts like Cmd+Shift+A to select previous commands output and Auto Command Completion